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School Book Fair at Home

Our school book fairs are all about making books more affordable for parents and primary schools, that's why we are one of the only

book fair companies to to make our school book fairs virtual - keeping the cost of our books as low as possible. Our book fairs are easy

to organise and can be booked by any teacher or parent with authority to receive books at the school address. The benefits of our fairs are:

a) For every 5 books purchased by parents at £2.50 or more we will give the school a book voucher of £2.50 to spend on our store (this results in most schools receiving hundreds of FREE books)

b)Children can choose books at home with their parents

c)Parents are not charged a delivery fee as all books will be sent to the school free of charge.

d)No minimum orders

On booking we will provide you with a digital promotion pack to advertise the virtual school book fair.

The pack will include posters to place around the school as well as flyers that can either be emailed to parents, placed on social media or

printed and put in children’s bags. The flyers have clear instructions on how to order books on our website.

Why not book your virtual school book fair today using the form below. Once booked parents simply need to follow the steps below:


Thank you! You will receive your digital pack within the next 7 days.