5 Tips for Coping With Home-School Fatigue by the Children's Book Outlet

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5 Tips for Coping With Home-School Fatigue by the Children's Book Outlet

Home-schooling has now become a common way of life for many families around the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The novelty of it for both child and parent has now worn off. It's important to find ways to cope if your children won't be back at school anytime soon.


Many families approached home-school full of enthusiasm - it presented a wonderful opportunity to spend more time together as a family, as well as not having the need to get children dressed and fed at some ridiculous hour. This state of affairs has now gone on for months and children and parents around the world are now struggling to cope. The book people at Children's Book Outlet are here to help with 5 top tips:

1. Start the day early and finish early
Planning your day so that you finish earlier than a regular school day will give children a sense that they are having more free time to themselves. It also presents an opportunity during the summer months, to spend more time outside enjoying the weather.

2. Promote a family reading hour
Reading together as a family is a great way to get even the most reluctant readers enjoying children's books. Children pick up many habits from their parents and if you are to encourage any habit, then an enthusiasm for reading should be very high on your list. Try to do it earlier in the day when children aren't too tired.

3. Bring lessons to life
Put a limit on online lessons and turn your art lessons into ones that both parent and child maybe learn to draw a dinosaurs using artists techniques. Turn your dining table or garden into a science lab and encourage experimentation. This kind of teaching with less boundaries is really great at getting children thinking creatively.

4. Schedule in outdoor activity everyday
It's extremely important for a family's mental well being, to get outside as often as possible. Get down to the local park and discover wildlife. Many farms and zoos have started to reopen, so encourage children to read about various animals, plants and wildlife and then go and see them in the flesh.

5. Start a kids book club
Unlike the adult book club, which typically involves lots of gossiping, wine and very little dialogue about the novel you were supposed to have read, a kids book club is slightly different. A group of 3 to 5 parents, whose children are already friends, all purchase the same book and agree a time by which all of the children should have finished the book. One child (the quiz master) then writes a list of 5 questions about the book with the correct answers. Parents then arrange a video call or a trip to an outdoor space where the children can meet and the quiz master tests the rest of the children. The child with the most correct answers wins. The children can take turns being the quiz master.

"We hope these tips will help getting families through this period of social distancing and home-schooling. It's been an incredibly difficult time for everybody but we can get through it if we think creatively." Says Lloyd Mensah, buyer at Children's Book Outlet.

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