Homeschool - Swap the Tablet for Good Children’s Books

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Homeschool - Swap the Tablet for Good Children’s Books

Homeschool - Swap the Tablet for Good Children’s Books


Back in the good old days, children reading a book was as second nature to them as playing I Spy or Knock-Down-Ginger. In 2020, so much has changed. Technology has solved many problems in our lives whilst simultaneously creating new ones.

When various tablets such as iPads became widely available, many parents thought “great!”, this wonderful bit of kit can entertain my children for hours with various game and also facilitate their education with on tap web access, access to online books and spreadsheets, word-processors etc. Whilst all of this functionality is available, the reality of how much time children actually spend educating themselves on these devices is starting to hit home.

A recent report by Ofcom found that 49% of children aged between 8 and 11 prefer to consume video content on YouTube in preference to terrestrial TV. On average they spend average 6.5 hours a week on YouTube. The report also found that 16% of children had admitted to being exposed to offensive content online. There are ways and means that parental controls built into the applications can be used to regulate the content on these devices but this filtering of content is becoming harder due to the blurred lines defining what is and isn’t acceptable. The lack of regulation on the internet also means that undesirable content can reach children before any red flags are raised.


Children’s books can also be susceptible to undesirable content, however the content of children’s books are scrutinised by many people before they reach our shelves. This makes it far less likely for children’s books with inappropriate material ending up on the shelves of bookshops.


With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and many of us homeschooling our children, the kids will inevitably need more to entertain them at home whilst we isolate ourselves. Our advice – flood your house with great children’s books of all kinds; adventure, picture books, non-fiction, homework help etc.


You can never have enough books at home. Your children will thank you for it in time.


We hope that was helpful.


Children’s Book Outlet Team.


Let’s get children reading again!


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